An Introduction and Explanation.....

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It was a few years ago, and I was planning to go fishing. Unfortunately, I had no bait. As I considered forking over another $2.00 for a container of the usual "verge-of-death" type worms that were so common at the local bait store, I got to wondering why I didn't just hit the back yard, and dig up my own.

It was while I was out there searching high and low for my elusive quarry that it occurred to me, it would probably be a lot easier to simply grow my own. (Faster at any rate!) As is often the case, from ideas of one type,..... we can REALLY get sidetracked!

To speed this story up a little bit,(you could simply hit scroll) I'm going to jump ahead to the point. (Considerate guy that I am.)

I Became Expert At Raising Red Worms

Which brings us to the reason for this home page!

You see, it was not very long before I had completely forgotten about fishing, becoming extremely wrapped up in a brand new obsession. While I was researching the techniques involved in "culturing" Red Worms indoors, I happened across some information regarding an old practice known as vermiculture.

Now when I say old, that is exactly what I mean. It seems on several different occasions during the last 100-150 years or so, various people had made studies of the Red Worm, (there are several suitable varieties) and the Red Worm's inherent ability to consume organic waste material, producing a very fine soil additive in the process.

Though this practice has faded from sight several times in the ensuing years, the fact that we presently appear doomed to drown in our excess garbage, has sparked a renewed interest in this procedure (vermiculture). Consider that Red Worms are capable of eating 72% of the waste material Canadians currently send off to our local landfills.

Never having been one to do anything halfway, I promptly spent the next 4-5 years, not only studying all the written material I could find on this subject, but actually raising Red Worms, and researching the process of vermiculture, right in the comfort of my own home.Which really does bring us to the reason (AND IT CERTAINLY IS ABOUT TIME) for establishing this home page.

With the rapidly-rising popularity of this (hobby?), it is more and more often that I am asked to share the information I have managed to acquire. (It can be quite difficult to locate literature on the subject). Since I have also wanted to set up a home page for quite a while, I thought Hey! Why not? So, this is how I plan to do it.


At the end of this introduction (and you thought it was a novel), can be found a list of various topics regarding Red Worms, and the techniques involved in convincing the little beggers to eat up all your organic waste, while providing you with r e a l l y wonderful potting soil for all your house and garden needs. You are welcome to partake of any or all of this material, as the spirit moves you...


For those of you who have just happened by...

and might not find this particular subject to be of the highest priority on your private list of fun and exciting things to do...

...I will be sneaking into the forthcoming documents as many links as I can manage, which will take the brave "surfer" to whatever truly wild and zany (GREAT WORD!) places I can locate. (Well, at least I plan to...eventually.) The point is, with this page being as new as it is, you'll never know until you look.

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