3600 Series WW-Jet™ Harvesters

36 Inch Diameter Worm Harvesters

A 3620 Harvester will fit in a short bed pickup.

3620 on truck

The aluminum and rubber drive roller gives a reliable power level that can be adjusted for safety.

3620 harvester

The counterbalanced design makes moving the harvester easier.

At a massive 36 inches diameter, this harvester is Big!

With two 36 inch long screens (32" inside)  you have a total actual screening area of over 50 Square Feet.

Used with a conveyer and hopper, a six cubic foot wheel barrel full of your worm bedding can be fed in less than five minutes. With a pitchfork it will take it as fast as you can dish it.

Power is supplied with a sealed, ball bearing, continuous duty gearmotor.

The adjustable legs give 2 feet of adjustment in height, using no tools.

The all Aluminum construction means no corrosion.

For those that need even a larger Harvester, try the 3630 on for size. Call for price.

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If you want to screen your castings or compost with a bucket loader, then the 7200 is for you!

With a six foot diameter, 2 or 3 four foot screens, input and output conveyers, and up to a five cubic yard hopper.

A chute to fit a 5 foot wide bucket can be installed to eliminate the cost of conveyers.

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